MeatFreeMay: A Treasure Trove of Useful Resources

Embarking on the MeatFreeMay journey can be both exciting and challenging. To help you navigate this month-long experience, we've compiled a list of valuable resources that will provide guidance, inspiration, and support. Divided into seven essential categories – Ethical, Health, Environment, Budget, Community, and Personal Growth – these resources offer a wealth of information to make your plant-based adventure a rewarding one.


PETA Learn about animal welfare and cruelty-free living
Mercy For Animals Discover the importance of animal rights and advocacy
Animal Equality Promoting legal protection for animals
The Humane League Driving systemic change for animals
Vegan Outreach Inspiring and supporting vegans through education

Health Evidence-based nutrition information and tips
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Health and nutrition advice from medical professionals
Plant-Based Health Professionals UK Expert advice on plant-based health and nutrition Comprehensive resource for vegan health and nutrition
Forks Over Knives Health benefits of a whole-food, plant-based diet


World Wildlife Fund Explore the link between diet and environmental conservation
Carbon Footprint Calculator Calculate your carbon footprint and learn ways to reduce it
Greenpeace Advocacy for a greener, more sustainable planet
Environmental Working Group Research and education on environmental health issues
The Nature Conservancy Protecting nature and preserving life


Plant-Based on a Budget Budget-friendly plant-based recipes and meal plans
Frugal Vegan Cookbook A cookbook full of delicious, affordable plant-based recipes
Budget Bytes Tasty vegan recipes on a budget
Cheap Lazy Vegan Affordable and easy vegan recipes
Vegan Supermarket Find vegan products and deals in UK supermarkets


MeatFreeMay Facebook Group Connect with others taking the MeatFreeMay challenge
Veganuary An online community promoting plant-based living year-round
r/vegan A supportive Reddit community for vegans
VeggieBoards An online forum for vegans, vegetarians, and the veg-curious
Challenge 22 A 22-day vegan challenge with mentorship and support

Personal Growth

Happier Tips for improving happiness and personal growth
Headspace Mindfulness and meditation resources for personal growth
Tiny Buddha Wisdom and insights for personal development
The Minimalists Embracing simplicity and mindfulness in daily life
Good Life Project A podcast and community for personal growth and well-being

Make the most of these resources during your MeatFreeMay journey, and remember, you're not alone in this experience. The plant-based community is here to support and encourage you every step of the way. Happy MeatFreeMay!

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